About me

My mission is to create musical instruments that reach every corner

In a world where innovation meets tradition, Urko Larrañaga and Julia Pérez Luque embarked on a transformative journey, founding 123sonar. Recognizing the discord between traditional instrument methodologies and the needs of 21st-century musicians, they pioneered change.

From the vibrant maker movement in Barcelona to the incubator Orbital 4.0, 123sonar gained recognition, joining programs like Red Innpulso Emprende V and Empenta at ESADE Creápolis. In 2021, it evolved into urkoluthier, breaking free from industry constraints and crafting unique, tailored instruments such as carbon fiber violins and cellos, utilizing composite materials and creating accessories.

Located in Terrassa, the workshop is a hub of tradition and innovation. Committed to 4.0 technology and sustainability, urkoluthier specializes in carbon fiber instruments, including violins and cellos, using cutting-edge composite materials. The workshop crafts a symphony of unique, sustainable, and innovative pieces for the 21st century.

Innovative Genesis:

Founding 123sonar, Urko and Julia bridged tradition and modern needs..

Incubation and Recognition:

From the maker movement to ESADE Creapolis, 123sonar gained recognition.

Transformation into urkoluthier:

In 2021, urkoluthier emerged, crafting unique carbon fiber instruments using advanced composite materials and accessories.

Crafting Tomorrow’s Melody:

In Terrassa, the workshop blends tradition with innovation, specializing in carbon fiber instruments. Urkoluthier crafts a symphony for the 21st century, committed to sustainability and utilizing cutting-edge composite materials.